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Times 25529: Voici l’Anglais avec son sang-froid habituel
Solving time: 27:44

Third puzzle this week I’ve found quite difficult; particularly, in this case, on the left-hand side — though with a few simpler clues on the right to compensate. Wonder if it’s the puzzles or just my head cold?

1 BACKCHAT. B{l}ACK CAT; insert H (horse). The literal is ‘lip’.
5 SCARAB. SCAR (craggy outcrop) + AB (tar, sailor).
10 NÎMES. N {new}, reversal of SEMI (house).
11 LANDOWNER. LANE+R inc DOWN (paradoxically a hill).
12 INTUITIVE. I’VE after INUIT, inc T.
13 SCONE. Two meanings; the biscuity cake and the place famous for its coronations, each with its own pronunciation ... or two.
14 TOP-HOLE. T{he} OP; and HOLE sounds like ‘whole’ (complete).
16 SCHOOL. Anagram of SOHO inc C{entral} and L (for ‘line’).
18 INSE(C)T. Traces of DBE here; though note the question-mark.
20 CURTSEY. CURT (uncivil), S{ervant}, reversal of YE (the old).
22 AZTEC. A and Z (extremists), TEC (investigator).
23 THUMBNAIL. Where Tom is Tom Thumb.
25 GRIMINESS. GRIM (stern), 1, NESS (head).
26 CHARM. Two meanings.
27 TEENSY. TEE (as in driving, golf); S{chool} inside NY
28 GRAND,SON. Sounds like ‘Sun’.

1 BANDITTI. BAN (bar); sound-alike for DITTY (song).
3 CASH IN ONE’S CHIPS. Two meanings, one more literal (‘fail finally’).
4 ALL-TIME. LT (lieutenant) in A, LIME.
6 CROSS THE RUBICON. Anagram: to scrub her coins.
7 RANCOROUS. The board RAN (the) company (CO); anagram of ‘sour’.
8 BURDEN. Two meanings again.
9 ANGELS. A + {e}NGELS. Sadly, my last in.
15 PINSTRIPE. P (pressure), anagram of ‘priest in’.
17 CYCLAMEN. AM in CYCLE; N (northern). Finally! A plant I’ve heard of.
19 TITTER. TT (tee-totaller) inside TIER.
20 CRUISER. C (conservative), {b}RUISER.
21 GADGET. {heedin}G, AD, GET (purchase).
24 AMASS. A (article) in A + MSS (manuscripts).


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