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Times 25511: Purely academic
Solving time: 55:02 So, for me at least, a hard slog. Almost came to grief in the SE corner with four answers missing after 40-ish minutes. And still have one parsing to work through. Might need some help with that one.
1 STEEL BLUE. It’s an anagram of ‘see bullet’.
6 BOWLS. Two literals.
9 OLDEN. Included reversed in ‘spurNED LOver’. Def = ‘past’.
10 PICTORIAL. Sounds like ‘picked Oriel’.
11 DWELL ON. WELL inside DON.
12 TRYPSIN. PS (additional notes) inside TRYIN’. Never heard of it, despite my passing knowledge of the pancreas and its functions.
13 WITH A GOOD GRACE. Two defs, the first (‘monastery meals should begin so’) more cryptic than the second. (And, to be even more cryptic, I will be at about 4:00pm this afternoon.)
17 VICE CHANCELLOR. A cryptic definition. They now call themselves Presidents or CEOs because the overseas ‘market’ apparently doesn’t understand why they can’t speak to the head honcho.
21 PRETEEN. PEN (writer) inc RETE (network of vessels in the body). And no, I didn’t know that either.
23 TUMBREL. Reverse the last bit of ‘tumbLER’.
26 TRUCE. Reverse CURT + {endors}E.
27 TANS,Y.
28 GOLD,CREST. ‘Lightweight’ because it’s very small.
1 SHOWDOWN. This is the one I don’t quite get. Suspect it has to be ’OW D{o} inside SHOWN (broadcast). As for the statesman ... ??
2 ENDUE. Take the {wate}R out of ENDURE (brook, put up with).
3 LEND-LEASE. Anagram: ‘allies need’, minus 1.
4 LEPANTO. This is LET O{n}, inc PAN.
5 EXCITED. C (Conservative) inside EXITED (went).
6 BOOZY. OZ (ounce) inside BOY.
8 SILENT. I{nfants} + L inside SENT.
14 TRIBESMAN. M (maiden) deleted from TRI{m}; BES{t} MAN.
15 RHEUMATIC. Sounds like ‘room, attic’.
16 DROLLEST. Reverse LORD; LEST (in case).
19 NATURAL. RU (reversed) inside NATAL.
20 SPIRIT. RI (scripture) inside TIPS (reversed).
22 EDIFY. IDE{a} reversed; F{or} Y{outh}.
24 ROUGE. Move the G (downwards) in ROGUE.


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